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New! Cherry Orchard

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  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard
  • New! Cherry Orchard

Shifa Aromas

New! Cherry Orchard

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Cherry Orchard | Red Fruits, Vetiver & Sweet Musk | Take time to indulge…

Cherry Orchard is a heartening fragrance that opens with notes of spiced fruits, Palmarosa and Vetiver. This fragrance base rests elegantly on notes of sweet Musk, Dark Rose and Cashmere. This luxury candle and diffuser is infused with burgundy Cornflowers and delicate Cherry Blossom like Delphinium petals.

Made with - Soy Wax | Vegan Friendly* | Paraben Free

Luxury Glass* | 220g | 45-50hrs burn-time

Luxury Diffuser | 100ml | Fibre Reed Sticks | Lasts up to 10-12 weeks

NEW! Luxury Diffuser | 500ml | Fibre Reed Sticks | Lasts up to 6-7 months

Luxury Tin* | 200g | Up to 30 hrs burn-time 

Diffuser Refill | 100ml

Luxury Display Tray | Small & Large | Gold & Silver 


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  • At Shifa Aromas we take pride and time in sourcing our ingredients, to ensure that our customers receive a product that is high in quality and both aesthetically and aromatically pleasing. We aim to source our products locally and nationally giving back to the UK economy and being sustainably responsible.
    Soy Wax
    Is 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
    Is all NATURAL and biodegradable.
    Is manufactured meeting FDA standards.
    Kosher Certified.
    Is NOT tested on animals.
    Contain NO animal products.
    Contain NO palm wax.
    Contain NO petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
    Contain NO pesticides and NO herbicides
    Contain NO toxic materials.
    Contain NO Genetically Modified Material
    Is suitable for VEGANS
      Fragrance oil combined with essential oils
      All fragrance are UK manufactured under UK regulations and have the SDS certificates. We source and use the finest oils to allow a clean and aromatic scent throw.
      Natural Elements
      All elements that are infused on top of the candle are natural and have been sourced from the UK.
      Diffuser Base?
      Augeo works extremely well with Reeds in Diffusers.  Features include...

      * Eco Friendly Product

      * Lower Carbon Footprint

      * Low Odour

      * Non Toxic
      Most importantly… Love & Care
      Each candle & diffuser is made with love and care in our workshop in Yorkshire. We use natural techniques' and hand-pour is each individually and then finish to highest standards with quality packaging ready for you to enjoy.


    Hand-made and hand-poured in our workshop in Yorkshire

    Lifestyle - Botanical infused

    Enhance your lifestyle through our essential oil and natural botanical infused home fragrance range

    Clean & Lasting scent throw

    Made with the finest ingredients allowing you to enjoy our products for longer with a clean and aromatic scent throw