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I was first introduced to Shifa Aromas through receiving one of their beautiful smelling and looking Summer Dreams scented tin candles in a recent Juliah box. It has to be my favourite candle I’ve ever received in a subscription box; so, when Shifa Aromas put a call out on their Instagram account asking for bloggers to review some of their products, I jumped at the chance. I was really excited to find out that I was one of the lucky bloggers chosen to receive a blogger review box containing a selection of their products.

Before I get onto the products I received in my blogger box, let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful brand and the people behind it. Shifa Aromas is a family run business who produce lovingly hand-made, hand-poured home fragrances in Yorkshire. All of their products are vegan friendly and paraben free, and their candle’s and wax melts are all made from eco-friendly soy wax. The addition of natural botanicals to their products enhances both the scent and look of each and every piece. Throughout all of my communications with the lovely Jabar and Nafeesa at Shifa Aromas, their passion for their products has shone through. I personally love buying from artisan UK producers and sellers, as in my experience they are passionate about their products and have excellent customer service.

Shifa Aromas currently produce and sell 10 different scent collections. Each of these ‘lifestyle’ collections have their own wellbeing symbol, to help you select the right product for the atmosphere that you wish to create. There is a lifestyle collection for everything from “time to de-stress to “time to re-energize”, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to find the perfect collection for you.

What was in my Box?

Jabar and Nabeesa were kind enough to send me three different products from three of the different lifestyle collections available; to enable me to experience what their products are all about and tell you all about them.

I can’t help but start by telling you about my favourite item that I received to review. It’s their Essentials Range 200g Tin Soy Wax Candles, in Sufi Garden fragrance. Sufi Garden has the wellbeing symbol “Time to Love”, which couldn’t be more apt for this scent. Think dark autumn and winter evenings when the weather outside is cold and unwelcoming, and all you want to do is snuggle up inside with your favourite jumper or blanket, hiding away from the worries of the world and spending time with your loved ones. If that sounds like your idea of heaven, this is the scent for you; it’s a warming spicy and fruity fragrance which makes you feel like it’s giving you a big hug. As with all of the scents that I’ve experienced from Shifa Aromas, Sufi Garden has a real depth to it, you can smell all of the different scent notes coming through from the fruity floral top notes, through the spicy warming middle notes, right down to the sweet end notes.


If this scent had been presented in a rusty old bean can I would still love it; however, every detail of this candle is gorgeous. It’s presented in a tin with luxury looking labelling that tells you all you could need to know about the product, whilst still being something you’d be proud to display in your home or present as a gift. I really love that Shifa Aroma’s tin candles have a clear Perspex window in their lids, so the candle stays protected and dust free whilst not in use, but you can still see the beautiful candle inside. All of Shifa Aromas candles are lovingly sprinkled by hand with beautiful dried flower petals, which continue to make the candle look gorgeous even after you start burning it.



The Essentials Range 200g Tin Soy Wax Candles in any of the lifestyle collection scents retail at £11, which I think is more than value for money when you consider that it has an up to 30 hours burn time.

Without a doubt I’ll be buying more items from Shifa Aromas in the Sufi Garden fragrance. I’d love to try one of the eco-reed diffusers they produce and sell in this scent.

The next item I received was an Essentials Range 100g Tin Soy Wax Candle from the Persian Chai lifestyle collection. The wellbeing symbol for this is “Time to Destress”. There’s something so familiar and comforting about this scent, but I can’t pin it down. Top notes including violet, jasmine and rose give it a full bodied floral scent, which is balanced perfectly through the middle fruity notes of mandarin and a deep luxurious base of musk. If this doesn’t sound luxourious enough the candle is also infused with Persian tea rose petals, marigold petals and frankincense resin crystals. This floral and musky scent wouldn’t be out of place in a posh spa, so it’s perfect for pamper evenings at home while relaxing with a face mask on. It would also be perfect to light after a stressful day at work, to allow you to relax and the stresses of the day to float away. As with the larger tin candles the quality and care that has been taken over producing this candle is clear to see, the only difference between them is the size. Although it is smaller it still has an amazing burn time in relation to its price. This bargain £6.50 artisan candle has a burn time of up to 15 hours.

20171007_175627 (1)

Last and definitely not least in my box was a box of 6 Artisan Wax Melts from the Moroccan Nights Lifestyle Collection. The wellbeing symbol for this collection is “Time to Connect”. Initially on smelling these cute little wax cubes infused with sitare oudh and orange blossom flower petals, I was surprised how subtle the scent was. Over the years I’ve tried wax melts from a number of different companies, and the fragrance are usually quite in your face when you sniff them before melting, and I’ve also found they can make the room that the burner is in have significantly more fragrance than anywhere else in the house. Because of this, my husband isn’t a great fan of me using wax melts as he doesn’t like overpowering home fragrances. These melts however were quite the opposite, and as their wellbeing symbol implies helped us to connect. Within a relatively short period of time of burning them, my entire home was filled with a beautifully soft and comforting balanced floral, fruity and musky scent. They are literally the only wax melts I’ve used where my husband hasn’t turned off the burner after fifteen minutes. The first time I used them was when I was cooking dinner, which happened to be fish, and afterwards I noticed that rather than covering up the cooking smells, they had completely eliminated them. This isn’t an advertised property of the melts, but I’ll definitely be using it for that in the future. As with the other products I’ve tested out for Shifa Aromas, the wax melts are brilliant value for money at £7 per pack of 6. With a burn time of up to 10-12 hour each that’s an impressive up to 60-72 hours just from one box.

In addition to the items I received in my blogger box, Shifa Aromas produce and sell luxury glass soy wax candles, eco-friendly reed fragrance diffusers, and refills for their reed diffusers.

I consider myself quite picky when it comes to fragrances, as I can’t stand scents that aren’t well balanced; however out of the four fragrance collections I’ve now tried from Shifa Aromas, there hasn’t been one that I wouldn’t be happy for my home to smell like. These artisan products are high quality, eco-friendly and beautifully presented, so will make perfect presents. With Christmas coming, who doesn’t want a beautifully smelling home? The only thing missing from their product range is a perfume, I’d be in heaven if I could smell like Summer Dreams or Sufi Garden all day long.

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