Gift for Her Ideas: Unique & Personal Aromas

A gift is one of the most magical things that can be given to another person. No matter who you are sharing it with. A gift for her can be for anyone special in your life: a friend, a loved one or family.

By giving a gift, you are showing someone you are thinking of them. Think of it as a light being shared and you are somewhere close in words to its true feeling.

There are countless reasons for buying a gift, to thank someone for their actions, to show feelings towards another person or simply to let them know you are there.

This, in part, is one of the reasons why gifts are so magical. There are no set rules, no black or white reasons. You can give a gift just because you saw an item and thought the person you had in your mind in that instance would enjoy it as much as you do.

Every day, thousands of people will be celebrating an occasion, some bigger than others, but all just as important to the beholder. And what can be central to that occasion? A gift.

What Makes the Perfect Gift

There is no surprise that people often say it is the thought that counts. That’s because a thought is a perfect gift for another. Knowing that a person has given their time to share a thought of you.

Your thought of the recipient is you showing you understand them. It should be personal and positive and should always portray the feeling you want to share.

It is easy to get stuck when considering what to buy. You can soon find yourself buying the same old things, occasion after occasion.

All too often, gift ideas for her might be jewellery or on a smaller scale, a treat like chocolate or flowers. Something beautiful to look at and display or to taste and be excited by.

However, what can often be forgotten is another of our senses that is equally as important: to smell.

An overlooked gift can be an aroma.

Give the Gift of an Aroma

Think about how often you have been overjoyed by an aroma as it appears in a moment for you to enjoy and stays with you as you take time to unwind and simply be.

There are a number of reasons why sharing an aroma is the perfect idea for a gift for her. Whether you chose to give a candle, a diffuser or a mist, you’re supplying a lasting impression.

  • It’s Personal - getting the right candle for the right person is an incredibly personal touch. The mistake that can easily be made is thinking that any candle can be for anyone. Knowing a person's own distinct tastes and style can influence how that special person will enjoy it. Picture where they might wish to place the candle in their home. Will it be an entrance to welcome them home, a living room for them to share their evenings, or an office to motivate their day.
  • It’s long-lasting - to share the right candle or diffuser is to give someone hours of enjoyment. While chocolate or wine can be gone in a matter of minutes, a candle burns for hours and can be used time and time again. A diffuser can go even further and lingers for days or weeks, letting a person know they are at home or in a familiar environment.
  • It creates a range of positive feelings - from warmth and joy to relaxing and togetherness. Feelings that you can enjoy on your own or share with others. Feelings that you will always associate with that scent and remember fondly.
  • It’s for all occasions - whether a celebration of time or a great event that will be remembered for a lifetime, aromas are at the heart.
  • An aroma is unique - it is the only gift that can encompass and embrace all of these, and still stand out every time you share it. An aroma is truly something special.

A Gift for Her

Next time you are looking, don’t let your gift ideas for her be stuck in the same old routine. Create a thought that can deliver something personal and lasting.

Aromas can be shared on all occasions and can be delivered to suit the person you are gifting to. Via a luxury candle, diffuser or mist, you are sure to find the perfect aroma for the right person.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas for her and want advice, get in touch with our experts today who can share their advice and help guide you through our own Shifa Aromas ranges and ideas.

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