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Scenting Your Home: Shifa Aromas
I am a total sucker for anything to scent the home - I have more candles than I can count. I love nothing more than coming home on a winters evening, lighting a candle and cosying up on the sofa. Reed diffusers are a more recent love of mine - I really like how long lasting they are and how great they make your house smell. 
Scenting Your Home: Shifa Aromas

I came across Shifa Aromas on Instagram and I was totally drawn in by their products - not just because of my love of candles, but for how beautiful they are. Finding out a bit more about them, I saw they were a small business running from a family workshop in Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Lass in me was jumping for joy. When they offered to send me some of their products to try, I was so excited as I knew I was in for a treat. 
I love this brand's ethos, they aim to create a therapeutic experience which they say is 'much needed in today's hectic lifestyles'. They say that they want their products to provide 'comfort, peace and relaxation creating a positive impact on one's wellbeing'. On their website, they explain that the word 'Shifa' means 'to be healed'.  They explain that this is the vision of their brand. I'm totally on board with this. 
All their products are vegan-friendly, paraben free and SLS free. Parabens are nasty preservatives that prolong the shelf life of products and SLS is a chemical that can irritate the skin and isn't great for the environment. Shifa Aromas say that they create their products with the finest fragrances and essential oils - infused with natural flowers, woods and resins. 

Scenting Your Home: Shifa Aromas

I had the opportunity to try some bits from the Arabian Midnight range and the Summer Dreams range. The prices for the products in both these ranges are the same. The small tin candle is  £6.50 with a burn-time of 15-20hrs. The diffuser is £27 and will last up to, a pretty impressive, 15 weeks. Once the diffuser has run out, a refill can be purchased for only £13. 
With regards to the scents, both these products smell incredible. Seriously great. I'm terrible at describing scents, so I'll just leave it to what the professionals say. The Arabian Midgnight scent includes 'mandarin, Rose Otto, soft notes of Peony, Lily, Chamomile resting on a base of rich Musk, Amber and Patchouli'. All in all, a lot of really great smelling things. 
For the Summer Dreams scent, this includes top notes of 'Cherry, Plum and Raspberry, exotic Orchid, Freesia and Iris resting on a medley of sensual Musks, sweet Vanilla pods and soft Amber'. This creates a musky, yet fresh smelling candle, it's a really great balance. The candle is infused with the flowers of Heather, Orange Blossom, Corn and Rose, which gives a really beautiful finish to the candle.

Scenting Your Home: Shifa Aromas
I would highly recommend trying out these products, not only because of how beautiful they are, also because supporting British, small businesses is so important. They would make great Christmas gift for the candle lover in your life. 

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