What is a room mist?

A room mist is a beautiful experience to enjoy as a sweet surprise. It can be present without you even realising it until it hits you and your senses are filled with pure joy.

Where a candle is beautiful in sight and smell, and diffusers are ornate, a room mist is a hidden surprise waiting to delight.

In its most simple terms, a room mist is a spray to be used throughout your home, to add an additional piece of magic and an extra layer of beauty. One spray can give you endless joy as you release it into your family’s lives and develop an aura that excites your senses.

Is it one of life’s necessities? That depends on who you ask, but believe us when we tell you, once you’ve experienced a room mist that works, you’ll want to experience it over and over again.

How long does a room mist last?

There is no simple answer here, it depends upon the environment in which you share it, the size of the room, the existing scent and the people and contents within. Typically it will remain for you to enjoy for a few hours.

Varieties of delivery

There are a number of ways in which these aromas can be shared including sprays and humidifiers. At Shifa Aromas we believe a manual spray is a perfect way to share a room mist as it leaves you to decide how often and how much is needed to suit the room and the occasion. Our new range comes in luxury glass bottles with a quality gold mystifier, all of which are recyclable.

Room Mist Collection by Shifa Aromas

Great ideas for a room mist

Freshening up a room is not the only way to use your aromatic spray. How about trying some of these ideas to bring further joy on a daily basis:

A bedroom spray

A small spray on a pillow can help soothe you and send you off to sleep with relaxed thoughts and a clear mind. Why not try this in your guestroom to help your friends and family relax further when they stay?

Clearing the air

If you’re hard at work but feel like you’re not getting anywhere or are stuck on a specific problem, try a simple spray to clear the air and relax the mind, you could have your solution in no time at all.

Washing machine fresh

If your washing machine is leaving your laundry with a musty smell, try a few sprays of a room mist to rid the unwanted tangs

Create heaven in the bathroom

Your time alone is special. You can treat yourself to special bubbles in a hot bath with a book you love, but often you forget about the scent. This final touch will be sure to create a haven you’ll be yearning to get back to.

Scents in transit

More and more we spend time in our vehicles as we travel to and from work on a daily basis. Why not use this time to relax and unwind. A spray in your car can create a calming environment to help you forget about any troubles you may have...particularly on the drive home.

How do I choose a room mist?

This really is down to your own personal preferences. Just as with candles, a room mist aroma is special to you. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one, but for each use think about the following questions:

  • What atmosphere do I want to create?
  • Am I wanting to relax or energise?
  • Who will share the experience with?

You’ll soon find your perfect answer.

Find out more about the new luxury room mists curated by our family team here at Shifa Aromas. Each with its own unique scent created lovingly in our workshop in Yorkshire.

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